Letter to the Editor: Achievement Gap Will Never Close Until We Tackle Students’ Systemic Barriers

By Glenda Cohen The Boston Globe recently ran an article about the achievement gap increasing for schools in Boston and throughout the state. Here’s my letter to the editor which appears in today’s paper: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/02/20/opinion/achievement-gap-will-persist-unless-we-grapple-with-students-systemic-barriers/

The Dust-Up Over American Dirt

By Glenda Cohen Almost as polarizing as last week’s presidential impeachment proceedings has been the cross-fire about American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. Full disclosure: I haven’t read the book, but given the number of excerpts that have appeared in columns and online, I feel like I already have. Cummins, who identifies as white, writes aContinue reading “The Dust-Up Over American Dirt”

Students’ Use of the N-Word: It’s Not Always Black or White

By Glenda Cohen As a veteran high school teacher who identifies as white, I felt I was on firm footing all of these years by having a zero tolerance approach to students using the n-word. My rule: if you say that word in my class or in the hall, it’s hate speech, and there wouldContinue reading “Students’ Use of the N-Word: It’s Not Always Black or White”

Welcoming the Newcomer

My longtime friend and colleague Lourdes Santos recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and wrote “I saw these amazing paintings by Kent Monkman, a Canadian artist. He appropriated European and American works and reversed history’s European gaze to explore themes of colonization and indigenous resilience.” While I want the focusContinue reading “Welcoming the Newcomer”

The Truth Is That We Won’t Ever Close the Achievement Gap

By Glenda Cohen Just this week, I sat through yet another staff meeting with an administrator who said that my goal as a teacher was to get my immigrant students to “meet their targets” on a standardized test. While I shook my head in agreement (because, of course I have to be seen as aContinue reading “The Truth Is That We Won’t Ever Close the Achievement Gap”

New Year, New Resolve

By Glenda Cohen In an effort to ward off burn-out, boredom and frustration after nearly 20 years as a public high school teacher, I’ve resolved to kick-off 2020 by launching my new blog: “Teaching is a Political Act.” My focus will be on examining political, policy and social justice issues that affect the lives ofContinue reading “New Year, New Resolve”